Finding a new beginning/First day of Autumn

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Nature itself as well as ancient symbols like the spiral, circle, tree of life, can bring energy and healing, helping caregivers make connections. There is sustainability, survival and resilience in a caregiver’s voice and recovery.
A father described his unusual experience at the grave side of his daughter who died several years ago. Instead of looking down to the ground in memory of his loved one, he turned and looked up at the beautiful blue sky and clouds with peaceful thoughts of her being nearby there. This healing hit him sideways – he had to acknowledge he was feeling more acceptance and at peace with his grief over her sudden death.
This was also recently recognized in a support circle. One group member talked about Stonehenge at spring equinox as we became aware that we always sit in a circle. This time we were sitting around a single candle burning in memory of a beloved group member who died the day before. She had sat in our support circle just three weeks ago.
“Who are these people holding hands?” someone asked about the candle holder that is a clay circle of four amorphous human figures holding hands to form a circle of attention around the single candle light.
Another member spoke aloud without asking anyone specifically: “Will you hold my hand when I am dying?”
Will you find a new beginning? Perhaps your own ability to die is the basic survival knowledge being learned in community of living family and friends.
For centuries, ancient symbols and nature itself, bring energy and make connections for caregiving.

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