Walk in their shoes

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This illustration, “Walk in their shoes,” shows me in my role as a geriatric caregiver extending my hand to a frail woman who is gingerly standing in place as if for the first time in years. The focus spirals to the center of our connection – our hands.


In fact, I remember the moment with tenderness – how I waited calmly for her delicate hand to hold mine and gently, ever so gently, squeeze, indicating to both of us her confidence and readiness to get up and dance. As you can see – I didn’t just yank her to her feet; I am resting on one foot, with direct attention, face to face with my partner, compassionate, as if walking in her shoes.


It’s often reported that people have been told they will never walk again, but when the right music plays, they get up and dance! It’s also said that you can see the spirit of a person when they dance. I feel that this illustration shows a spiritual as well as a physical connection between people engendered by the rhythms of the music sung or played; in this case – “Peg of My Heart.” Of course, this woman’s name was Peg. She, who could no longer walk on her own, is getting up in her own shoes to walk and dance with an attentive caregiver.

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